Email Marketing for Nonprofits – 5 Metrics to Measure

In the first part of this two-part series on email marketing, we wrote about email segmentation. This week’s instalment will focus on five key metrics to focus on when measuring your email marketing campaigns.

1.    Open Rate

One of the most valuable metrics available for measuring the success of your campaign, the open rate is a percentage of the total number of times an email is opened, divided by the total number of emails sent. Bear in mind that people nowadays are flooded with emails, don’t expect an open rate above 75%, but do use it to adjust subject lines, segmentation and content. Read more…

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Bringing Serenic Solutions to the Microsoft Cloud

It’s probably time that we started a series on how we are bringing our solutions into the Microsoft Cloud. What will follow over the coming months are several topics that cover the technical details, as well as our view, on how cloud computing allows us to “empower your mission”.

We have been working with Microsoft over the last two years to build the foundation needed to deploy our Serenic Navigator products into the Microsoft Cloud (Azure). That effort came to fruition with the launch of Serenic Navigator Express. This offering is geared to organizations that require standard nonprofit fund accounting feature/functions, want to get up and running quickly, are comfortable doing all or the majority of their implementation, and need to maintain a reasonable monthly subscription cost.

If you need more functions/features, and would like more options for us to engage with you directly, then it’s likely that Serenic Navigator Essentials is for you. We offer three levels of fixed fee service tiers to ensure that you are able to get up and running and utilize the solution to its fullest extent.

Now that you have your financial needs covered, we know that it’s impossible to operate without the revenue side of the equation. Serenic DonorVision, donor management software, allows your organization to manage your constituents and all fundraising activities. As you can expect, it seamlessly integrates with both Express and Essentials; however, we fully realize that tackling both your financial and fundraising solutions at the same time can present some added commitment, that’s why we offer it as a standalone option.

Finally, we are fully vested in Microsoft technology it is important that we integrate with the most common office suite in use around the world, Microsoft Office. In case you didn’t know, Microsoft is also helping nonprofit organizations like yours do more good by donating Office 365 (O365) to all nonprofits that qualify. If that’s news, please be sure to check out their offer here.

The “one business solution” dream has now moved into reality. We are taking care of all of your financial, fundraising and gift management, and Office needs that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device in a way that is familiar to your staff, all running in the Microsoft Cloud. We wake up every day with the goal to deliver against this vision so that your “impact on investment” has a direct and immediate impact on your precious time, energy, and resources, ensuring they are so that they can be spent improving the world in which we live.

We will be posting much more detail on our progress and sharing stories about the immediate ROI our clients enjoy by running our solutions. Please stay tuned.

Email Marketing for Nonprofits – 5 Tips for Segmentation

Email marketing is a valuable factor in any marketing strategy. It can help your nonprofit raise funds and awareness, keep your community abreast of events, milestones and other calls to action, such as appeals to volunteers.

In March, we wrote a miniseries about the basics of email marketing. You can find those posts here and here. Now we’re going to delve into a little more detail about the mechanics of email segmentation, and next week we will focus on analytics and measurement. By segmenting your email lists, targeting and split-testing, you can easily increase engagement and conversions. Read on to find out how!


Source: Yoel Ben-Avraham

Read more…

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8 Financial Habits of Highly Effective Nonprofits (infographic)

8 financial habits of highly effective nonprofits

8 financial habits of highly effective nonprofits

5 Tips for Donor Retention

Fundraising is at the heart of every nonprofit. Once you’ve secured some donations, how are you going to keep donors in the giving cycle? Here are some tips to help you along the way:

Optimize Your Donation Page

If you’re going to get one thing perfect, it should be your donation page; the beginning of your donor relationship. It should be easy and simple for prospective donors to gift your organization. Ask yourself these questions and work on improving any areas with a negative response.  Read more…

Nonprofit Accounting Software Helps Association Convert to One System

The American Psychological Association (APA) needed to update its older financial accounting software.  The APA is the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States. With more than 134,000 members and 600 employees, their mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives.  They didn’t want to be spending extra time with their accounting software, but focus on this mission! American Psychological Association

So the search began.  The APA found what they wanted in Serenic Navigator, such as: workflow, and viewing balances in the system right away as opposed to waiting for a sub ledger to close for the month.

Since they are a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) plus a real estate partnership, they needed a validated balance sheet with direct integration into their association management system that tied to their memberships and subscriptions.  Our partner, AVF Consulting, completed their implementation that was “so non-eventful that it was eerie.” The APA now handles transactions between multiple systems with ease, automatically imports transactional data hourly, and can integrate its hosted payroll and HR solution electronically with minimal human intervention.

The organization as a whole now will have a better, up-to-date grasp of its finances and expects Serenic Navigator’s built-in workflow will make everyone more efficient and cut down on paper use.

Benefits for the APA found with the Serenic Navigator fund accounting software platform:

  • Hourly updates make information timely across multiple systems, including web transactions
  • Built-in workflow creates efficiencies
  • Ease of use helps users get up to speed quickly

Read the full case study on our website.

The 3 Cs of Using Humor in your Fundraising Strategy

With April Fool’s Day approaching, there’s no better time for nonprofits to inject a little humor into social and content marketing. While we’re not suggesting playing any actual pranks on your donors, there’s no harmApril Fool in sharing some light-hearted content with your network. Many nonprofits avoid being playful because their cause or causes are of a serious nature, but it is possible to get your message across to people while also using a little humor.

It’s important to stand out in order to deliver your key message. Using humor in your campaigns can help catch the attention of people and leave a lasting impression, increase awareness for your mission and eventually drive donations. There are three key areas of focus when considering your marketing strategy, and these apply to humor too:   Read more…

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Reporting to Federal Agencies – Don’t be Tied up in Knots

Part 6 in our blog series:  Tied Up in the Strings Attached to Federal Awards?  Streamline compliance with A-133 Audit Rules.

In this last post, we address reporting, ensuring you are ready for federal agency requests and are allocating program funding properly.

Read more…

6 Ways Role Based Software Solutions Can Benefit Nonprofits

Every nonprofit organization is different, with a unique mission and needs. A “one size fits all” approach to software, therefore, will not suffice.  A solution tailored for a nonprofit organization, no matter the size or mission can provides many benefits, including:

Only pay for what you need

Role-based access means that you have the freedom to choose limited or full users depending on what your need staff to see.  . Therefore, software spend can be minimized, potentially freeing up funds for other important activities.

Access data in real time via the cloud

A cloud solution can provide access to data with actionable insights, in real time, across multiple platforms. This dramatically reduces the margin for error and duplicated work, thus increasing organizational transparency and improved efficiency among your staff. Read more…

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Can You Afford Not to Handle Your Award Restrictions with Confidence?

Part 5 in our blog series:  Tied Up in the Strings Attached to Federal Awards?  Streamline compliance with A-133 Audit Rules

In this post, we address matching funds, service and expenditure levels, and earmarking;  ensuring your organization is in compliance with any and all award restrictions. Federal Awards ebook


When federal awards include a matching component, the recipient must be able to show that matching funds have been received and are from an allowable source.

Potential complication: The auditor must determine whether the minimum amount or percentage of contributions or matching funds was provided. They must also consider the value of any in-kind contributions that were received.

Streamlined: Use Serenic Navigator’s AwardVision to create rules to monitor matching requirements while ensuring matching costs are appropriately tallied on a recurring basis. By defining the matching requirements at the receipt of the award, organizations will have evidence of their guideline compliance over the life of the award. Read more…